If the Shoe Fits (and it Complies)

You may have (and I hope you have) noticed the shoes I wear, and I feel an explanation is called for.  My workplace has a shoe policy which dictates heel height and width, and that the shoes must be fully enclosed (e.g. no peep toes, sandals, slingbacks, etc ) which is quite limiting.  As the photos for this blog are (mostly) of what I wear to work each day, the shoes are more practical than I would normally choose.  In addition, I am blessed that I live so close to my workplace that I walk there each day, so the shoes also have to be robust enough to cope with the walking, and not be so uncomfortable that I arrive at work in agony, because I CAN NOT bring myself to walk to work in a pair of joggers.  I know people do it, but I won’t because it kills the whole outfit.

Please don’t misunderstand, I am grateful for my job, especially in these economic times, and I really like what I do; the shoe policy is just something that I am prepared to ‘wear’ (pardon the pun) for the sake of having a good job.  It also keeps me in fab clothes, so I am prepared to ‘toe the line’ (sorry couldn’t resist)!

I do have some lovely non work-compliant shoes that I am thinking of wearing just for the photo, then changing into a more practical pair (such as those in my previous posts) before leaving the house.  Depending upon the outfit, ballet flats (bless them they are fabulous) can be another great option for the walk to work.

If the shoe fits (and it complies), wear it!

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