Judgement Day

The Colour Block day put me in a quandary – it is a lovely dress and I like it (else would not have bought it!) but it’s more corporate in look than I would usually go for.   However, I chose it for that day because I had a meeting with my head of department (the boss’ boss!) and a branch head from a different department, and like it or not, we are all of us every day judged on our appearance.

I am blessed that where I work a uniform is not compulsory, and even more blessed that my fellow colleagues are accepting of me and how I present myself – to a point.  There are limits, and while I fly a bit close to the wind sometimes (a skirt made out of plastic string comes to mind!) I have never, to my knowledge, crossed the line.  It is still a workplace, and I respect that, which means dressing a little more ‘corporate’ when the situation calls for it.  I sometimes wonder whether choosing to express myself at work through fashion limits my professional credibility.  I offset this as best I can through hard work and allowing my ethic to speak for itself.

After that, everyone can make up their own minds.

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