Holiday, Celebrate!

They say there is no rest for the wicked, but that must be incorrect as I am on holidays, YAY!  Two weeks off (paid) work.  Have been doing plenty around the house.  There is always something to do in a house, even more so when the house is old 🙂  Our house is beautiful, I do love it and I believe we are keepers of history for future generations.  As I write this I am listening to a beautiful old Bakelite valve radio, circa 1948, that we bought at an auction this morning, and it sounds fabulous.  My apologies, I digress.

Due to the holidays there are no work outfits to list, however yesterday I went to a local vintage fashion event – any excuse to dress up!  I even entered a fashion competition; the ladies adult category was ‘Prom Queen’ so I suppose I was a bit brave/ambitious/silly wearing an outfit from a decade other than the 1950s (I wore the 40’s green suit, ‘Love Knots’).  Three contestants had that same idea and chose 40’s garb, but the deserving winner was a gorgeous girl in a pink tulle confection, very much befitting a Prom Queen.

The parade was a great experience, as I got the chance to showcase a fabulous and rare outfit, but what really made my day was a lovely elderly lady who approached me to say that I had the outfit just right, and that she should know because she was there.  I felt like a winner regardless.

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