Legging It

You may be wondering why, when it’s obviously warm here, I am wearing hosiery virtually every day.  I can’t really answer that definitively, other than to say that it’s just a quirk of mine, I feel a bit naked without them.  When I was a young impressionable thing an older lady at work ‘chatted’ me for not wearing hose in the office, and after wearing them for so long I suppose I’ve just gotten used to them.  On a really stinking day (i.e. above 38 degrees Celcius which is just over 100  degrees Fahrenheit) I give them a miss, otherwise it’s pretty much de rigueur for me.  Plus they add a little polish to an outfit.

I do have a bit of a love-hate relationship with hosiery though, most of the time I love it, but I get really peeved when I snag them – just brush against the wrong thing and they’re history, and some are not cheap either!  But there are some fabulous designs and prints and colours etc, especially in the thicker winter tights, so I keep persevering and trying to be more careful (I’ve ripped the black ones I wore this week, bummer).  They are now wrapped around a sapling in the yard (for any of you out there who enjoy gardening, old hosiery make the best ties for staking young trees, because as the trunk grows the hose are flexible and don’t cut into it).  Bet you never thought you’d get horticultural advice on here!  But as Dorothy Parker quipped, you can lead a horticulture, but you can’t make her think 😉

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