Staying Resolute

Happy New Year to all!  I hope everyone had a joyous Christmas and at least a little time off.  Mine was a mix of family and house restoration work, both of which were satisfying and enjoyable.

Back to work last week for a couple of days.  Many around me are making their New Year’s Resolutions; myself, I don’t.  I believe that if you are serious about changing something, start making the change immediately, whatever date the calendar shows.  Additionally, I am in a very good place and there’s not much that I want to change.  That’s not to say that that I am perfect – far from it! – and we can all strive to be better people.  I try to do that as much as I can, so my only ‘resolution’ at the moment is to not always strive so hard to cheer up others.

It became apparent late last year that some in my circle have had quite enough of my Pollyanna attitude, and while I refuse to bring myself down, part of trying to be a better person and helping others is realising when one’s efforts are falling short, however good the  intention.  I am guilty of trying to help people to look at a perceived negative (‘computer’s crashed again!’) from another angle (‘cool, perfect time for a cuppa break then!’) but it’s not exactly being well received at present, so I am endeavouring to keep my ‘wisdom’ to myself a lot more 😉


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