Dark Days

I just realised when writing up the details for the week’s outfits that, with the exception of Wednesday, every day this week I wore black!  That was unintentional, and I was a bit taken aback when I realised.  Over and above the usual considerations, a couple of things influenced my outfit choices:

* It has finally cooled down a bit, thank goodness!  The previous Friday – ‘Parasol Pretty’ – the temp reached almost 40 degrees Celsius, not very nice!  Not that I am complaining, because at present America is freezing over, and Britain has had floods recently, so I don’t mind a few stinky hot days.  I’d been holding over the ‘Gatsby’ dress for ages waiting for an opportunity to wear it, as it’s wool and quite heavy.

* I had a lunch date with a friend on the ‘Gothic Glam’ day so I wanted to look extra nice 😉

It certainly is very easy to get stuck in clothing ‘ruts’ though; I usually mix it up quite a lot during the week but on the weekends I do find it very hard to break away from jeans and t-shirts, which is being a bit lazy.  Must try harder on this one!

I’ll endeavour to be more colourful next week – thank goodness for the green dress on Wednesday!  Can always rely on the 70’s for a pop of colour 😉

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