Scout’s Honour!

One of the Scout mottoes is ‘Be Prepared’, and that’s something I try to live by.  I’m quite boring and like to plan, and this branches into most aspects of my personal and professional life.  I know not everyone ascribes to this and each to their own, but it suits me.  As such, usually I have an idea of what I would like to wear for the week ahead, depending upon factors such as the weather; what I’ll have to do during the day (i.e. anything overtly physical – would not wear a delicate vintage piece); a lot of walking during the day (would choose lower shoes, etc.), so some thought does go into it.  If I’m really organised, I’ll even have the accessories ready the night before as well.  However, life by its very nature does not always run smoothly and I had planned something else to wear for Friday (see ‘Splice’).  This resulted in a last minute rush-around and later during the day I realised I had an awesome 70’s necklace that would really have set that dress off beautifully, but had forgotten about it in the scramble to get to work on time.  Because I am endeavouring to wear as many different outfits as I can, the chance to showcase that particular combination won’t arise any time soon.  So for me, I concur with the Scouts on this one!

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