Billy Goat Gruff

You may have noticed that there were only four outfits shown last week; the reason for this is that the Monday was a public holiday for Australia Day (Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!).  We had a fabulous day which included a nice BBQ lunch (proper Aussie burgers with beetroot, egg & short cut bacon on them, they were divine!).  The four day working week was a nice prelude to my returning to three days per week soon, which will be lovely.

The highlight of the past week for me was the pic with Enoch (our goat, well the front part of him anyway).  We found Enoch at a garage sale and couldn’t leave him behind.  Enoch complements our décor beautifully and is a real conversation starter!  Everyone who sees him has plenty of questions, such as ‘is he heavy; what’s inside there; how old is he?’ etc.  Kids (the human kind) are always the most honest.  We had a lady who visited recently with her two young sons who only had two questions – ‘is that a goat?’ and ‘did you kill it?’!

Most people are a bit freaked out by poor Enoch and don’t like him, but I think he’s gorgeous.  I believe that hunting is cruel (not that a goat is exactly ‘game’!) so would never buy a ‘new’ taxidermy, but I also hate the thought of such an animal going into landfill somewhere.  Since he’s made the ultimate sacrifice he deserves to be seen & admired, not his life being taken in vain.  Same goes for fur coats, etc. – I would never buy a new one from a retail store and thereby perpetuate the fur trade, but nor will I pass up an item of vintage beauty that may otherwise be destroyed.  I believe that at least this way these items are being preserved and the animal shown due respect.  And yes, Enoch’s eyes do seem to follow one everywhere!

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