Lazy Lycra Lassies

My first Friday off in months – YAY YAY YAY WOO-HOO!  Can you tell I’m happy about it ?!?  I spent my time as any self-respecting woman does on her day off – cleaning, washing & grocery shopping lol!  It was still a nice day though.  Which brings me to today’s topic – gym wear worn outside the gym.  Whilst doing the groceries, I was surprised by the number of women out & about wearing their gym clothes.  It was also quite apparent, as several of these ladies were in the supermarket, that they hadn’t just ‘popped in’ for something on their way home, these were serious weekly food shops they were doing.

I am a realist, and understand that it is not always practical to change into something more appropriate.  Today for example, I had my hands in the lavatory (cleaning it, that is!) when I received a call from my beautiful husband asking me to go out & buy some paint.  I did not change out of my cleaning clothes (shorts & T-shirt) but it was only a paint shop I was attending, not a shopping mall.

My suspicion is that it is more ‘posing’ than ‘practicality’ that leaves these ladies in their gym wear in public.  It has almost become a statement, or style of it’s own, to appear as though (1) one is working out, and (2) one is simply too busy/important to change outfit for anyone.  And, by the looks of a couple of these ladies, either their memberships were fairly ‘recent’ (New Year’s Resolution perhaps?) or the gym wear was simply for show (read into that what you will).

It comes back again to one’s standards.  I have enough respect – for self and for others – to look decent (or better!) in public.  I don’t really care if someone works out, please leave the lycra for your lunges!

4 thoughts on “Lazy Lycra Lassies

  1. I disagree, if youve got it – why not. The pnly issue for me would be more of a personal hygiene issue. Fashion comes and goes over time. Perhaps those lycra wearing chubsters need a bit more motivation! Keep up your blogging, regards Paul.


  2. I’M WITH YOU, DEMI! IN FACT, MY MOTHER WOULD BE DELIGHTED by your attitude. What is worse–these days–is the number of folks going shopping in P.J.’S!!!! and things not much better than underwear. 😦


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