Life has been very full-on of late, back to three days (paid work) a week YAY!  As to the unpaid work – that’s where it’s full-on!

My better half and myself have been feverishly working to make a sweet little place beautiful again (restoring an old miner’s cottage), but in the process of enhancing its loveliness, I lessen my own.  From Fridays to Mondays inclusive I look less than perfect.  Leave my hair undone (just pulled back to keep it out of the way) and knock about in work clothes.

For the past couple of weeks it’s been very Jekyll and Hyde, wherein Monday evenings I wash my hair, do some girly primping and get all gussied up again on Tuesday morning – basically turn back into a girlie girl again.  I constantly hear from people how they hate to dress up, personally I hate not to.  I feel so gungy when I am in (physical) work mode.

I am probably overstating how bad I look whilst working; my lovely husband just assured me I look ‘hot as!’ in my denim cutoff shorts & singlet tops (which are contributing badly to a strap tan); I just don’t feel as feminine this way.  I am proud of myself, however, that I am adaptable enough to be both a girly girl and a woman who knows her DAR from her quad (timber moulding that is) – and is a damn fine painter (refer pic of my hands below).

I am now on leave for a couple of weeks – see you back again soon once I’ve cleaned up my act!

Painter's Hands

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