Smells Like Teen Spirit – Vol.1

I had a wonderful week, everything seemed to slot nicely into place and no dramas.  Almost don’t know what to do with myself with the extra free time now the (cottage) renovation is complete!  Still have a couple of months’ work on our place but that will be done as & when suits, which is so nice & chilled compared to the last couple of months.

The perfect end to a wonderful week happened today – my beautiful husband and myself were clearing some clutter out of the garage (yuk, but a necessary evil and long overdue) when I came across a few bags of old clothes.  I went through them, assuming I’d have kept them for a reason; I had.  Sentimental reasons.  Among the items was a favourite dress I wore a lot during my clubbing days.  No, I won’t say how many years ago that was, you can guess for yourself 😉  It was a particular favourite in part due to my then rebellious streak.  I remember bringing it home from the shop and Dad saying ‘that’s a nice top’ to which I responded ‘Dad, it’s a dress’ and you can imagine the resulting discussion 😉

Many emotions welled up – joy, remembering the good times spent in that dress & depression, at feeling a bit old, among them.  Then – a shiver went through me – I wondered, would it still fit?  With shaking hands I undid the zipper, slipped the dress over my head, lo & behold – YES!  Not only does it still fit but (in my opinion) looks as good on me now as it did then, if not better, because I am healthier & happier now than I was when I first wore it.  Bliss.

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