To be Shirr

Shirr - FrontShirr - SideShirr Raincoat - FrontShirr Raincoat - Back

Outfit: Shocking pink vintage (1960s) blouse with wing collar and shirring to waist and sleeves, worn with a black pencil skirt with button detail & satin panels.

Shoes: Black heels with ankle strap.

Hair: Curled and worn in a low sideswept ponytail with a shocking pink ribbon.

Accessories: Nude hosiery, pink sapphire emerald cut stud earrings and rose gold curb bracelet.

Perfume: Hilary Duff ‘With Love’.

Rainy Day Garb: Vintage (1960s) clear plastic raincoat with shocking pink dots and matching headscarf, zebra print gumboots with shocking pink trim.

3 thoughts on “To be Shirr

    1. Hi there Sandra, thank you I love everything about this blouse, from the full-on pink to the 70’s collar ;)) I have a lovely navy satin blouse I’ll have to showcase one day, it doesn’t go with much but something will come up I’m sure! Thank you for stopping by, D xx


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