Smells Like Teen Spirit – Vol. 2

Couldn’t help but reference this album title as I am a bit of a Nirvana fan.  I still remember where I was & what I was doing when I heard the news about Kurt.  That was a sad day for me at kindy ;).

Carrying on the teen theme from last week, I got to thinking about what info would have been most helpful to me and what I would have loved to have known then if I could have (that’s assuming I listened to & followed any advice, which is most unlikely!)  But here goes:

Advice from me – now – to teenage self.

*          Start waxing ASAP, by the time a few years have passed, you will be thankful.

*          Don’t waste a second, even though it seems you have endless years ahead of you.

*          Grab life & every opportunity with both hands & run with it.

*          There is a finite window in which you can do something stupid and it be ‘endearing’, so do a few dumb things now because soon enough it will just look sad.

*          Any man who makes you cry is probably not worth crying over.

*          Choose your battles wisely.  Let the small issues slide, but don’t back down in matters relating to your fundamental beliefs and ideals.

*          Sell all your shares in 2007!

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