I read this in a local catalogue advertising perfume and advocating its benefits over chocolate as an Easter gift.  I thought I’d reproduce it here for your reading pleasure.  Note:  If you wish, ‘jewellery’ can easily be substituted for ‘fragrance’.  Personally I’d have both please!

Why Fragrances are Better than Chocolate:

*          Fragrances don’t stain your clothes.

*          Fragrances are calorie-free.

*          Fragrances don’t melt in your hands.

*          Fragrances last more than three months.

*          Fragrances won’t go straight to your hips.

*          Fragrances look better in the bedroom.

*          Fragrances make more personal gifts.

*          Fragrances keep you happy for hours (jewellery even longer!).

*          Fragrances get you noticed.

*          Fragrances are fat-free.

A happy and safe Easter to all 😉

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