It’s been an interesting week, a bit all over the place with all the public holidays for Easter and ANZAC Day, which has meant more time with my beautiful husband.  We’ve been spending a lot of time in the yard lately and it’s looking glorious (the recent rains have helped a LOT!); it’s a real little inner-city oasis. Still a little painting to go (‘how much more can there possibly be’ I hear you cry? 😉  You’re not alone in this wonderment – when we went into the paint shop Saturday morning the man there (we’re almost on Christmas card terms with him now) said ‘you must nearly be finished surely?’  It is a big & old house!  There’s only some fine cutting in here & there, the downstairs ceilings (kitchen & living rooms) and the laundry, which was always to be last, and then that’s about it.  We’ve been here just on two years and the place looks magnificent (well I think it does ;)).

Back to the clothes!  I’ve looked at other blogs lately and I notice that most of them mention the labels of the clothes that are being showcased.  I understand that there are many reasons for this.  The reasons I don’t are twofold – firstly, because a lot of what I wear is not from any known designers (oh the ignominy!) and secondly, because I want it to be just about the clothes & the overall aesthetic.  Maybe I shouldn’t admit that I don’t wear head-to-toe designer, I might lose myself some serious cred saying this, but it’s the truth.  There are a couple of labels that I really like and seek out when I can, but more for the style of clothes they produce and that their cut and fit suits my body shape.  I can’t afford to dress in top labels every day (especially working 3 days a week!) and even if I could, there’s a lot to be said for the ‘thrill of the chase’ – finding something amazing at a market or a beautiful vintage piece from eBay, I love it!  I’ve found it’s all in the way an item fits and knowing what suits oneself best.  Well-chosen clothes don’t have to cost a packet to look a million.

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