An interesting week, my favourite outfit was the ‘You May Quote Me’ dress, I love everything about it – it’s quirky, interesting and elegant.  Originally it was at least two sizes too large for me, but I was so taken with it I couldn’t bear to leave it, so bought it anyway and ran it in (it’s now very heavily darted through the back, I left the front alone lest it interfered with the print).  It came out very well, even better than I was hoping for, so am very pleased I took a chance on it.

The morning of ‘Fore!’ was rather frantic.  The shoes I had originally chosen to wear with this outfit were a pair of white creepers with black stars on them (see photo below), very cool shoes, albeit they don’t suit many outfits.  I bought them second-hand from a market a few months back and this was the first time I’d put them on since purchasing, only to find that the soles started disintegrating as I was standing there having my photo taken!  Very sad about that, but that’s life I suppose.  The previous owner must have seen the writing on the wall with the soles and sent them packing 😉

Whilst my shoes were falling apart beneath my feet – literally! – my husband ran to fetch a dustpan & brush to collect the crumbly rubber.  I went hunting for a pair of boots (I keep my boots in a cupboard under the stairs).  As I descended, in the informal living room downstairs I found our female dog being quite dramatically ill.  I took a few moments to comfort her and clean up (very thankful for the slate flooring downstairs!), then went back upstairs for more shots, this time with boots on.  While the photos were being taken, I could hear her being sick again.  So hopefully I was focussed and professional enough that none of this is apparent in the photos, but if there happens to be an odd look cross my face in a shot, you’ll know why!

PS Our girl is much improved this evening and ate all her dinner without issue.

Fore w Creepers

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