Personally Yours

My previous musing ‘Tan – the Hide of it!’ caused me to recall when I was asked to be on an interview panel.  It’s only occurred a couple of times, but I enjoyed the experience.  I felt for the interviewees (some people are so nervous!) and felt a bit awkward about ‘scoring’ people against each other, but that aside it was interesting.

Some time ago the branch in which I worked had us all take personality tests.  This is one of the few topics on which my beautiful husband and I disagree – I love them, he hates them!  I love them because I find them interesting, and they show what makes someone behave in a certain way etc.  My husband believes they are limiting, put unnecessary labels on people and that those labels tend to become a self-fulfilling prophecy (‘the test said I’m introverted, so I mustn’t enjoy group work’ etc.).

I agree with him in that I believe labels are limiting, but it’s a definite chicken/egg argument – did the personality trait manifest because of the result, or did the result simply shine a light on what was already there?

For the record, the Myers-Briggs test I took gave me the result ISFJ, which stands for Introverted, Sensitive, Feeling and Judging.  From memory, my introversion was quite extreme.  One explanation of an extrovert versus introvert was whether a large group of people make one feel energised (extrovert) or drained (introvert) – for me, usually, it’s drained!  So I think this test was spot-on.  I totally agree with my husband, however, that our behaviour at any given time is simply thought and choice, so watch this space!

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