Love Her Madly (Channelling Jim Morrison)

Love Her Madly - FrontLove Her Madly - SideLove Her Madly - Back

Outfit: Black fine cotton blouse with ruffled cuffs, worn with cami under, and black vintage leather pants.

Shoes: Black leather ankle boots.

Hair: Worn down and softly curled.

Accessories: Sterling silver CZ stud earrings.

Perfume: Gwen Stefani ‘L.A.M.B’.

25 thoughts on “Love Her Madly (Channelling Jim Morrison)

    1. Hi Sandra, thank you so much for your kind words 😉 This was a brave move to wear leather pants this day because it was the day we had our staff ID photos taken at work – but from the waist up so that was OK ha ha! Glad you like the looks and get some ideas, that’s fabulous. All the best & have a lovely Christmas, D xx


    1. Hi Charlotte, thanks so much, that’s lovely of you! I felt great in this, a bit of a bad girl thing happening which is not often my look, it was a lot of fun! Thanks for your continued support, D xx


  1. Demi, you are such a lovely woman you have such great style. I love your outfit in these pictures. This might seem odd, but I just find you very sexy in those black leather pants. I really love seeing a lady wearing them, especially the classic/vintage style of leather pants like you are wearing here. You look great in them 🙂


    1. Hi Ron, thanks so much! This is what I wore to work the day I had my ID photo taken so took a big risk, but they know me well enough by now to expect anything 😉 Thanks for taking the time to write, D xx


      1. You’re welcome. You look great so it was certainly worth the risk. It’s rare to see women wearing leather pants like those these days so it’s great that you like to differentiate yourself from those around you with your style/fashion.


    1. Hi there Josh, thank you! These were vintage ones I was lucky enough to find in an op-shop – I think they’re either 70s or 80s but luckily a nice cut (most pants from those decades were awful – think ‘Thriller’ leather pants lol!) I had my work ID photo taken the day I wore these, I knew the pic would only be from the waist up so enjoyed stirring the pot by wearing something non-worky from the waist down ;)) Thanks again & kind regards, D xx


    1. Hi again Jonathan, thank you so much for the pingbacks, I appreciate your continued support. This post has been very popular on the blog (I credit Jim for that!) Thanks again most sincerely, D xx


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