Peridot and Pearl

Peridot - FrontPeridot - SidePeridot - Back

Outfit: White jacket with silk ruffle edging to front and cuffs, soft green pencil skirt with white topstitch detail.

Shoes: Cream heels with gold chain feature.

Hair: Worn in a low chignon with a green accessory.

Accessories: Nude hosiery, gold pear shaped peridot drop earrings, antique (Victorian) peridot and seed pearl pendant with pin (worn as brooch).

Perfume: Britney Spears ‘Believe’.

4 thoughts on “Peridot and Pearl

  1. Greetings Miss,
    I’m a man and I know very little about women’s fashion. I hesitatingly<— (Is that a word?) commented once before under another name but have since deleted that site. You're a gorgeous woman! I enjoy everything you post, but honestly, I think I love the way you write and how you convey it even more than your pictures. Please pardon my intrusion, I wanted you to know that I appreciate your intelligence and good grammar. My best again to you and your husband.


    1. Hi again & welcome back! Thank you for your kind words, I do very much appreciate them. I am buoyed by the fact that there are still those that appreciate good grammar (we are a dying breed!). All the best, Demi.


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