To Every Season Turn, Turn, Turn

Winter has well and truly hit in our neck of the woods now!  It was unseasonably warm through most of June, but we have been experiencing below average temperatures for the last couple of weeks, particularly overnight.  It has made the walk into work a little brisker, crunching through the frost.  A perfect excuse to rock some snuggly winter coats! (see Coat Tales in some of my posts).  Depending on just how chilly it is, some mornings I can’t be bothered with the coat for the short walk in, but some mornings it’s a must 😉

For me, every season brings its own unique beauty and qualities.  Summer is so hot one is entirely justified wearing next to nothing and the days stretch on forever; autumn is milder and has the beautiful rusty colours and falling leaves; winter – great for hot soups, sleeping in and snuggly coats; and spring has its new life and flowers.  It’s all good!

No matter what the weather, people will complain.  So I penned a little poem around the most commonly overheard oaths for each season.

‘Ode on the Seasons’ by Demi Monde

On Winter:      F**k it’s cold

On Spring:       F**k it’s sneezy

On Summer:    F**k it’s hot

On Autumn:    F**k it’s breezy

Keats and his urn have nothing on me!

3 thoughts on “To Every Season Turn, Turn, Turn

  1. I was just thinking to myself upon reading this that it sounded either like Keats or Yeats 🙂 Lovely couple of paragraphs. I really like reading the words you write. Have a nice upcoming week Miss.


    1. Hi there, thank you, I am very flattered to be put with such exalted company ;)) I still don’t fully understand the Grecian urn poem, must study it further sometime. Thanks for stopping by, D xx


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