Introducing the Family

I thought it might be high time I introduced everyone to the other members of the family besides myself & my beautiful husband.  We have two gorgeous Greyhounds, a boy named Harry & a girl named Zoe.  They are both adopted ex-racing dogs and these are not the names we gave them, but the ones they came with, and I think they suit them both rather well.  I will give a little insight into each of them in turn (in the photos below Zoe is the smaller ‘blue’ hound, while Harry is the larger ‘red fawn’).

Zoe is a beautiful girl, who came into our lives in 2004 when she was about 18 months of age.  Zoe was destined for the track but for reasons unknown she never made it.  Zoe is a true lady of leisure, she has never worked a day in her life!  She is incredibly beautiful and is highly intelligent – a dangerous combination!  I believe she is fully aware of her beauty and expects the finer things and special treatment.  Zoe was more aloof and almost cat-like, only seeking one out when she wants something or feels ill/scared etc., however as she has gotten older she has become more affectionate.  She will be 12 this coming December.  We found Zoe to be a companion for our first Greyhound, a boy named Joe.  He passed away at the age of 11 in July 2010.  He was the sweetest soul and I still miss him dearly.

Harry is a gorgeous boy who became a member of the family in December 2010 at the age of 4 ½.  He was sought out purely as a companion for Zoe, whose personality changed dramatically after Joe passed away.  We delayed getting another dog because I was so devastated by Joe’s loss that I didn’t want to keep repeating this pattern, but Zoe seemed inconsolable and not herself for several months so Harry came into our lives.  I was determined not to get attached to him – to care for him very well of course, but not get overly nuts over him – but that idea went out of the window long ago!  While Harry is very much like Joe in a lot of ways, they have certain differences, e.g. Harry is cheekier where Joe was more stubborn, but I can see a lot of Joe in Harry, both very sweet souls.  Harry is a real entertainer, he is very endearing and charms everyone who meets him.  Zoe loves him and he is crazy about her, he follows her EVERYWHERE and drives her nuts!  He is quite clingy, he follows us around whenever we are in the garden (helps me with the washing!) but he is very stand-offish with strangers in the street, and kids scare him!  Harry did race and had some early wins & places, but for reasons unknown he lost his ‘mojo’ and was put up for adoption.  We are very glad they did!

Greyhounds are such beautiful dogs, and to many people’s surprise they really do make wonderful house pets.  They have stolen our hearts and changed our lives for the better.  Their only flaw is not living long enough.

Greyhounds 1Greyhounds 2Greyhounds 3

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