Meeting With the CEO in my CEO (Chic and Elegant Outfit)

CEO - FrontCEO - SideCEO - Back

Outfit: Chocolate brown 1960’s inspired A line dress featuring velvet trim and large velvet buttons.

Shoes: Brown suede T bar heels.

Hair: Half up & half down, worn with a golden brown vintage bow accessory.

Accessories: Chocolate brown opaque tights, gold & diamond daisy stud earrings, gold bangle, gold charm bracelet.

Perfume: Ralph Lauren ‘Notorious’.

6 thoughts on “Meeting With the CEO in my CEO (Chic and Elegant Outfit)

  1. Hello Miss,
    I feel so strange commenting on women’s fashion, but this outfit is my favorite this week. Perhaps it’s because I’m a product of the 60s and all of the important women in my life then wore this as well as you do.
    Cheers Miss


    1. Hi there, thanks so much, even more so for going out of your comfort zone to comment, much appreciated 😉 It’s a shame more ladies don’t enjoy dressing up nowadays, I’m trying to chip away at laissez-faire outlooks one post at a time. Thanks again for stopping by, D x


  2. I sure do like the top parts—especially this model’s expressions! The whole outfit rater grows on one, over time! You are gathering really thoughtful and appreciative readers and fans. You are the gem with many facets…!


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