Angelic Angora

Angelic Angora - FrontAngelic Angora - SideAngelic Angora - Back

Outfit: Winter white angora woollen top, worn with black pinstripe hipster trousers.

Shoes: Black heels with ankle strap.

Hair: Worn in a high bun, with a black and white spot floral accessory.

Accessories: Pearl stud earrings (costume), freshwater pearl bracelet, gold charm bracelet.

Perfume: Kylie Minogue ‘Darling’.

8 thoughts on “Angelic Angora

  1. SHE’S THE first one that I go to
    To start my blogging day
    and for a post I surely pine away…
    But since she added “reblog”
    I really must stay still—
    Reposting all the posts that give him thrills
    (Like, nearly all of them–the whole kit and caboodle!) ❤
    –Jonathan Caswell, a fan.


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