Dark Chocolate (Night Out – Quartet)

Dark Chocolate - FrontDark Chocolate - SideDark Chocolate - Back

Outfit: Vintage (1950s) chocolate brown woollen dress with bracelet length sleeves and inverted pleat to skirt.

Shoes: Tan heels with chocolate trim and fringing.

Hair: Worn loose and straight with a vintage diamante hair pin.

Accessories: Sterling silver and cats eye stud earrings, sterling silver cuff bracelet.

Perfume: Sarah Jessica Parker ‘Covet’.

11 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate (Night Out – Quartet)

    1. Hi again, thank you, I really like this dress, it was not particularly comfortable to sit in for long (the waist is only 24 inches) but it was worth it. The shoes are lovely, unfortunately they contravene my work’s shoe policy so they don’t get many outings 😉 Thanks again and please keep stopping by, D x


  1. Hello to you again Miss,
    I’m so sorry to bother you and I apologize for once again deleting and changing my blog name. I seem to be having trouble with internet services. Everything seems back to normal at present, so I wanted to tell you that this is my favorite outfit thus far! I truly love your shoes, very classy and alluring at the same time. Thanks for indulging me once again. . . Thank you for taking the time to blog also, I know the commitment and I appreciate your steadfastness.

    My best to you and your family,


    1. Hi there, sorry for the slow response. Thanks so much for your kind words and continued support, I’m enjoying the blogging process and it’s even more rewarding when I know it’s enjoyed by others. Thanks again and please keep stopping by, D xx


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