Smooth Sailing

It’s been a while since my last musing, mainly because there’s been nothing for a while that has stirred me sufficiently to write about it, be that good or bad.  Please don’t misunderstand, I am not ignorant of the terrible happenings around our world at present, viz Ukraine, Gaza, Iraq, Syria and air crash disasters – the reason I deliberately choose not to comment on these is twofold.  Firstly, everyone has an opinion and, within reason, is entitled to express it, but I don’t want to create further pain for loved ones already hurting by something that I might say.  Secondly, I don’t feel qualified to pass comment or judgment upon matters of which I’m not privy to all the facts.  I am well aware of the sadness happening around the world at the moment, but for the most part I’ll leave it out of my musings, because we can all benefit from a little burst of happiness.

So yes I have been blessed that personally, life is going along quite swimmingly.  My beautiful husband and myself are in the throes of organising a party for our house (sesquicentennial – it’s turned 150!).  Now I realise those of you in Europe can likely walk down local streets and see many older dwellings, but in our neck of the woods, houses of this vintage are a rarity.  Australia is a young country in terms of European settlement, and our house is one of the earliest built in our city, so it’s a bit special and deserves a shindig 😉  We are holding an olde-worlde Victorian garden party, perfect for Spring.  Even the invitations we sent were Victorian in style, and we addressed them ‘ Mr & Mrs John Citizen’ etc. to the married couples, so I’m hoping this did not put many married ladies’ noses out of joint!  It should be nice, we’re now hoping for fine weather.  In terms of outfit, I have a repro Victorian outfit to wear on the day.  I have a genuine antique silk bodice & skirt (as you do!) but I am worried I’ll damage it with all the running up and down the stairs, carrying & walking about on the lawn, as it’s quite fragile, so I’ve decided to hold it over for a nice quiet inside function (if it still fits me by then!  Small waisted those Victorians ;))

Anyway that’s all for now, until next time.

D xx

P.S. re this week’s entry ‘PleatherHosen’ – you may have noticed that my engagement and wedding rings were not worn during the shot. Stop the Press!  No, sorry no scoops here, merely that I’ve been working my fingers to the bone – literally!  My ring finger knuckle on my left hand was split and bleeding, most likely from a combination of cold weather, lots of hand washing and not enough hand cream.  I put a Band-Aid on it and therefore couldn’t get the rings over the Band-Aid.  Happily, the prognosis is good and I think I’ll pull through 😉

5 thoughts on “Smooth Sailing

    1. Hi there, thanks so much! I am very happy to report that the garden party was a success, everyone seemed to have a good time. Our dog Harry behaved himself really well, until the guests were almost all gone – at which point he began helping himself to any abandoned plates that had food left on them. Harry is already looking forward to the next party 😉 Thanks for your kind words and please keep stopping by, D xx


  1. Well, you know, my Master Teacher once wore a very becoming floral dress with gathered (exposed, as in 18th century fashion to class (tough time for some of those guys who had to face her and talk to her! But she wore…not quite hobnail boots…but some very practical footwear to allow her to safely get on top of lab benches to teach the class! I remember feeling a little sorry for the guys she forced to look her in the eye while talking! IN FACT–just wrote something about this–illustrated! So glad a good time was had by all–including the dog! 🙂 Why not help “wash” the dishes?


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