Beehive and Blue

Beehive Blue - FrontBeehive Blue - SideBeehive Blue - Back

Outfit: Navy fitted knit dress with camel trim and button detail to front.

Shoes: Black Mary-Janes.

Hair: Worn in a beehive with a sideswept fringe and ponytail to back, accessorised with a wide leopard print headband.

Accessories: Navy tights, gold hoop earrings, rose gold belcher necklace with filigree heart lock.

Perfume: Britney Spears ‘Curious’.

8 thoughts on “Beehive and Blue

    1. Hi there, thanks I really like this dress, I’m also a bit of a sucker for buttons as detail (unless it’s me sewing the buttonholes!) Navy is a mice oft-overlooked alternative to black as well. Thank you again & please keep checking in, D xx


  1. ohmygod. Somehow I seem to tease myself looking at you. Ah ah ah… Thanks for everything, all the work, s beautiful. Thanks to hubby for sharing, Thanks for whoever funds your fashion and design and hair and all of it. Ahh ahh ahh. Just nice. Thanks to the camera guy or gal, too. Mwah.


    1. Hi there, thank you! I am very lucky, my husband is wonderful – he is also the camera man. We are a two-person show, we both fund the fashion in terms of we both work, and I do my own hair & makeup etc. I love clothes and enjoy mixing up ‘looks’ and styles, and so decided to keep a record the different outfits worn, predominantly to work. Thank you again for your kind words and please keep stopping by, D xx


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