Thanksgiving Come Early / Happy Anniversary!

It’s now been a little over one year of blogging, YAY!  I realise that there are plenty of blogs out there, and that everyone’s time is precious, so I thank you sincerely for spending a few moments at mine.  My formula is quite simple and hasn’t altered much – outfits worn to work each week, some mid-week musings (most weeks anyway) and the odd stepping-out ensemble.  I don’t try to be at the forefront of the latest trends or dress in head to toe designer, I simply love clothes and many different ‘looks’ and try to wear something different each time.  Thank you for your continued support & I look forward to submitting more posts (until I run out of different clothes!)

In Australia we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving as such, but I think it’s a nice idea to reflect on one’s blessings. So in that spirit, I am thankful for (besides the above):

My beautiful husband

Friends & family

Harry & Zoe (our beautiful greyhounds)

My good health

Having stable employment & working part-time

Living in Australia & all that entails – safety, freedom, ability to speak freely, fabulous climate

Our beautiful home & living in the city & walking to work

Too much more to list!

I don’t wait until Thanksgiving to think of the things that make me fortunate, in all honesty I think of them often, and force myself to do so if I’m feeling sooky about something.  And the ultimate – my desk at work has a view of a beautiful old church across the road, and quite often when I look up I will see a funeral procession about to enter or leave.  No matter what sort of day I’m having, that brings it all into perspective immediately – at the very least I will live to enjoy another beautiful day, and every day is an opportunity.

(I have been on leave this week and last; back to work next week & more fashion to come!)

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