Message to my Girls

I am feeling somewhat robbed.  It’s long been accepted that exercise has many benefits – cardiac, bone density, emotional wellbeing – but presently I’m struggling with some of the apparent negative side-effects.  For the last few months I have increased the weight of the hand weights I use – they are not overly heavy, 6.5kg each or just over 14 pounds – but that is enough by the time one does several reps, especially above head height (my weak point!).

Since using the weights, my bust has gone bust.  I estimate I have lost at least one cup size, maybe two.  I am understandably devastated by this.  I was quite proud of my ‘girls’ and while they are still a nice shape and size, they are a shadow of their former selves.

It does make sense that they have diminished, given that this area is a main fat storage area for females, but that doesn’t cheer me much.  Why should one have to choose between tone and t*ts?


The gym


The personal trainer


The spotter/yoga instructor



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