Polyester Girl (So Shiny)

Polyester Girl - SidePolyester Girl - FrontPolyester Girl - Back

Outfit: Chiffon short sleeve collared blouse in houndstooth print worn with pillar box red satin wiggle skirt.

Shoes: Black grosgrain heels.

Hair: Worn in a texturised ponytail with sideswept part and a red rose accessory.

Accessories: Nude hosiery, gold charm bracelet, sterling silver CZ stud earrings.

Perfume: Kylie Minogue ‘Couture’.

12 thoughts on “Polyester Girl (So Shiny)

    1. Hi there, thank you! I love this skirt, I don’t do shiny much but this was so over the top I had to have it 😉 Not for the faint hearted. Thank you for your continued support, D xx


      1. Hi there Robert, thank you! I really like this skirt, it’s a little limited in it’s practical application but a killer piece nonetheless! Thanks for your comment, D xx


    1. Hi Jonathan, thanks for the ping! This skirt took months to arrive due to incorrect amount of postage stamps on it, it was a complete surprise when it arrived as I’d given up on it! Happily it turned up. D xx


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