Pleasantly Peasant

Peasant - SidePeasant - FrontPeasant - Back

Outfit: White broderie Anglaise peasant-style blouse with lace up back, worn with floral striped skirt featuring ruffled hem.

Shoes: Navy T bar heels.

Hair: Worn down and loose, swept to one side.

Accessories: Nude hosiery, blue ceramic rose stud earrings, Wedgewood blue Jasperware egg shaped pendant featuring the three Graces.

Perfume: Usher ‘U.R.’

4 thoughts on “Pleasantly Peasant

    1. Hi there, thank you! I was lucky to find these two in the same local op-shop of all places – the skirt was found months before the top, which I discovered a week or so before wearing them both. The skirt appears home-made (no tags) but the top is by Guess if that helps. I know a lot of bloggers are all about telling what labels they wear, but I normally don’t, partly because not everything I wear is designer, and also because for me it is all about the outfit regardless of where it came from & what it cost. Thank you for your continued support I do appreciate it, kind regards, D xx


    1. Hi there, thank you, I really love this one. I discovered both pieces in the same shop at different times (the skirt months before the top) and the skirt was too good to pass up even though I had no idea what to pair it with. Patience prevailed! Thanks again & please keep stopping by, D xx

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