The (Wo)Man in Black

The (Wo)Man in Black

 Some of you may have heard about the siege in Sydney this week (Monday 15/12/14).  I saw some of this unfolding on the television news coverage of the incident.  The siege ended in the early hours of the morning with the deaths of two innocent people as well as that of the hostage taker himself. 

 There have been hostage situations in Australia before, but I can’t recall one ever with political motives like this one.  I found the whole incident very sad and shocking.  It feels to me like a little more of Australia’s innocence has been lost.  So as I write this (Tuesday 16/12) I am wearing both black and white (see “Solidarity” posting). 

 I am a fan of Johnny Cash who had a song called ‘The Man in Black’ which cited some of his reasons for always wearing black, namely for the downtrodden and forgotten amongst us and the injustice in the world.  Although I can see where he was coming from, I don’t really agree with this sentiment; I prefer to spread the ‘good stuff’ and add a bit of colour and shine to cheer people (“It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness (Chinese proverb)”).  However, today black seemed appropriate.

 The black of my dress is to show respect for the innocent lives lost and for their grieving loved ones, and the sad occurrence of a needlessly tragic event in our beautiful and mostly peaceful country.  The white represents my hope for the future and a nod to our country’s solidarity – we will not give in, nor will we give up, nor grow bitter because of these events.   We’re better than that.

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