Minxy Madeline

Minxy Madeline - SideMinxy Madeline - FrontMinxy Madeline - Back

Outfit: Navy short sleeve A line dress with white Peter Pan collar.

Shoes: Leopard print flats with silver buckle trim.

Hair: Worn in a high ballerina bun with a wide leopard print headband and a clip-in fringe.

Accessories: Navy ribbed tights, vintage sterling silver tiger’s eye stud earrings, wide sterling silver cuff bangle, antique Victorian mourning pin in jet with seed pearls.

Perfume: Lady Gaga ‘Fame’.

2 thoughts on “Minxy Madeline

  1. Ok I’m officially in love with your blog. Your outfits are gorgeous and you slip very easily from one era to the next. This is my favourite so far …you would give Anne Hathaway a run for her money. Where did you get the dress?


    1. Hi there, wow thank you! I am really grinning now & blushing from the praise 😉 I do appreciate your comments, I like to wear all different eras (per previous comment, 40’s is my favourite for femininity) but I think every era has some great highlights – maybe not so much 80s onward which are largely re-hashes of earlier decade’s styles with updated twists. This dress I found at a market and from memory I think it was either $5 or $10 so a great buy. Thank you very much again, D xx


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