Iron Will

Iron Will - SideIron Will - BackIron Will - Front

Outfit: Soft brown coloured Empire line dress with buttons to bodice, cap sleeves and a tulip skirt.

Shoes: Black grosgrain heels.

Hair: Worn in a messy chignon to one side, with a gold lace clip.

Accessories: Black fishnet hosiery, gold ball stud earrings, ‘statement’ necklace of black enamel flowers on chunky gold chain, cat’s eye spectacles.

Perfume: Bulgari ‘Rose Essentielle’.

5 thoughts on “Iron Will

  1. As an addendum – I titled this one ‘Iron Will’ because I ironed this dress prior to wearing in the photo twice – once on cotton setting, then on linen, and it still looked quite crinkly! Just the fabric I presume. The dress was too nice not to give an outing, so wore it regardless – however I receive a comment from a colleague that ‘you usually iron your clothes don’t you?’ Ooops!


  2. where did you go? stories please and I need lessons from you on my chignon, it is very hard to do your own…. I tried you tube, still on on L’s


    1. Hey there Cara, didn’t go anywhere special, just to work. All the blogs pics are of what I wear to work, with a few odd ones of evenings out (I usually say where I went with those). Re the chignon – I recommend a lot of backcombing and perhaps a hair pad or doughnut in your hair colour to give it fullness. I am getting better at chignons and French rolls but cannot braid my own hair – I feel you pain! Thanks, D xx


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