Glam Rock (1970s Band Tribute Show)

Glam Rock - SideGlam Rock - FrontGlam Rock - Back

Outfit: Black one-shouldered jumpsuit, worn with wide beaded belt.

Shoes: Strappy shoes with silver heels and gem-encrusted toes.

Hair: Worn in a high ballerina bun, with a black zipper trim accessory.

Accessories: Sterling silver demi parure consisting vintage beaded bracelet and matching drop earrings.

Perfume: Lady Gaga ‘Fame’.

2 thoughts on “Glam Rock (1970s Band Tribute Show)

  1. This is one awesome jumpsuit! Love the single shoulder look and the waist detail. The hair is very nice with this outfit and I cannot tell you how great sandals are with this look. Just perfect! 😉


    1. Hi there, thank you so much, that is so nice! I don’t get to wear those shoes much so was really happy to give them an airing. Guilty pleasure – I do like jumpsuits, I think there are one or two I still haven’t rocked yet waiting! Thanks again for your comment, D xx


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