Hello Sunshine!

Hello Sunshine - FrontHello Sunshine - SideHello Sunshine - Back

Outfit: Vintage (1960s) dress in yellow abstract print featuring pockets hidden within folds of skirt.

Shoes: White T-bar heels with autumnal toned floral print and dark brown velvet trim.

Hair: Up and rolled, with a mustard yellow sinamay and feather headpiece.

Accessories: Nude hosiery, sterling silver and citrine heart shaped stud earrings, chunky yellow gold belcher bracelet with heart lock.

Perfume: Hilary Duff ‘With Love’.

14 thoughts on “Hello Sunshine!

    1. Hi there, thank you, I love a little yellow as well! This was a genuine vintage one and the waistline was tiny – not particularly comfortable to wear but worth it nonetheless! Thank you as always, D xx


  1. ps love to hear some little stories about some of your vintage pieces – one of the things I adore about a vintage and pre-loved collection is all the stories that go with each piece, who you were with when you found it, where were you – for example that cardigan I was wearing when I saw you, well Megan (another friend addicted to vintage) and I went on a trawl over at Balmoral/ Bulimba – we ended up tramping all over in ridiculous heels, finding not even one op shop and ended up stopping over at the usual suspects at Annerley – we both got a good haul but had to run for it to the car as it had started pouring, we drove home to Ipswich listening to classical music and I remember thinking driving in the rain listening to the symphony is one of life’s little treasures


    1. Hey there Cara, totally agree, I love to imagine the story behind who owned an item before me. I was lucky enough once to buy a divine antique bangle from a lady whose grandmother had owned it, and she told me her grandma’s name and that she wore the bangle on her wedding day in 1912. That is so special and meant a lot to me, and I think of that every time I wear it. There are some lovely people out there 😉 Thanks for stopping by, D xx


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