Double Threat

I’ve received two shots in the arm recently – I have been recognised for both my looks and my mind.  Late last year I won a local pinup pageant and, as part of that, the organisers of the event arrange a photo shoot for images to use on promo material for the next pageant.  I had such a ball at the photo shoot (am very jealous of models who get to do this for a living!)

At around the same time, I penned a letter to the editor of a very high-end fashion magazine (we’re not talking That’s Life here!) and it was chosen as Letter of the Month.  That is nice in itself, however as part of being chosen, I also won a prize of considerable value.

These two occurrences mean a lot to me.  As I explained to my beautiful husband, with the literary piece in particular, someone who doesn’t know anything about me has read my work and decided it is not only fit for publication, but (in their opinion) deemed it the best received that month and rewarded me for it.  I always appreciate when people I know and care about provide positive feedback, but one can never be certain if there is any ‘kindness’ or bias to it.  In this case, I can be certain.

In contrast, with any competition which is based (at least in part) on looks, it is much more difficult to be either proud of winning or gutted for losing, because there can be so much at play – the judges’ own personal preferences in terms of beauty, an overall aesthetic they are looking for, etc.  I am proud, however, that I was considered good enough to represent the brand and the competition for the next year, until I pass the crown to the subsequent winner.

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