Terrible Teens

We have been invited to a 1960’s party.  I’m really looking forward to this, and have, as you would presume, several options to choose from for an outfit!  When someone mentions the 1960s to me, it conjures up thoughts of go-go dresses and bee hive hairdos.  Some other looks from decades past:

Pre-1920s – Long gowns, corsets, elegance, severity.

1920s – Flappers, loose fringed dresses to accentuate movement, ‘masculine’ outfits for females (rebellion against corsets).

1930s – Garbo and Dietrich, more feminine/masculine crossover styling, quite austere daywear (post 1928 Great Depression), glamorous long evening gowns.

1940s – War time, rationing/austerity, crepe material, exquisite tailoring, dark colours.

1950s – Post war, plenty of material available so full circle skirts, tiny waistlines, wiggle dresses, rock and roll.

1960s – Feminism, freedom, A line dresses, mod, mini skirts, psychedelia.

1970s – Hippies, punk, flares and bell bottoms, maxi dresses, large lapels, safari suits.

1980s – Power dressing, suiting, peplums, large shoulder pads in jackets, wiggle skirts (80s does 50s).

Since the 1980s, there has, in my opinion, been nothing new under the sun.  Everything since has been a re-hash of the above in some form or another.  Even the 1980s started retuning to the 1950s for inspiration; this happened again in the 1990s, this time repeating 60s monochrome.  Fashion has wandered about in a kind of wilderness regurgitating previous looks which began in the 1990s and continued until the last few years, when our consumer hunger for fast fashion took over.

I think ‘fast fashion’ has made it impossible to have a defined look for any given decade, because consumers become bored with anything more than a month old, let alone keeping a garment for years!  This trend raises all sorts of other issues, e.g. if a garment is not made to last (because it’s not meant to last anyway) the quality is often poor, and when so many items are purchased, is this really economical?  There is also the environmental impacts of the manufacturing and cloth production, and where do all these items of clothing end up after their one or two outings – in landfill?

I wonder what I will wear if I’m invited to a ‘Teens’ party in a few decades time?  Will any of the fast fashion have lasted the distance?

2 thoughts on “Terrible Teens

  1. THE terrible teens? Don’t think there’ll be much trouble. But stay where you are…sometimes it’s not very exciting out here. How many ragged jean legs and open-air belly buttons can one take !?! 🙂 Not to mention posts that emphasize anything but what the title says it will be.


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