Love Child

Love Child - FrontLove Child - SideLove Child - Back

Outfit: Vintage (1960s) tunic in burgundy and silver circular pattern with attached half-belt worn over black leggings.

Shoes: Black knee-high boots with ruching.

Hair: Worn with height to the crown, and a vintage (1980s) burgundy headband.

Accessories: Sterling silver rose stud earrings, silver tone bracelet featuring the word ‘LOVE’.

Perfume: Britney Spears ‘Hidden Fantasy’.

2 thoughts on “Love Child

  1. Hi D,
    It’s me D~ it’s been a while I know. I do recall the ‘Love Child’ years, Helter-Skelter and ‘Free Love’ and all of that mess! The (go-go) boots were a must, you nailed it. You and your husband have a nice week.


    1. Hi there, lovely to hear from you! Thanks, this was a fun little dress to wear and something different from what everyone else was wearing at work that day 😉 I hope you enjoyed the 60s sufficiently to have enough memories to savour, but also enough fun that there are several ‘gaps’ in there 😉 Thanks again for stopping by, D xx


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