We have a new member of the family to introduce.  Unfortunately, we know little about him, other than his name is Beattie, he was a member of the Light Horse during the First World War and that he loved his Gran.  (Not sure if it’s legible in the images, but the caption at the bottom of Beattie’s photo reads: ‘To Dear Grandma, With Fondest Love from Beattie’.)

We found Beattie at a garage sale a couple of weekends ago, looking a little the worse for wear.  From the looks of things, in more recent years Beattie has suffered from neglect and his picture was most likely stored in a shed or something similar and has suffered water damage.

Unfortunately repairing his picture is something beyond my talents, but I was able to significantly improve the condition of the frame – please see the ‘during’ and ‘after’ pics.  I was so keen to get started on the frame that there is no ‘before’ shot, but the original condition is evidenced by the base and left hand side of the frame.

Beattie now has pride of place amongst the rest of our very extended picture family.  It seemed the least we could do for someone who served our country.  I hope to discover more about Beattie someday.


Young Beattie – During Frame Resto, then After – Pride of Place Amongst Friends

Beattie - Before and During


Beattie - After (1)Beattie - After amongst Friends

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