Ski Bunny

Ski Bunny - SideSki Bunny - FrontSki Bunny - BackSki Bunny - Sitting

Outfit: Vintage (1960s) jumper in fawn with Argyle textured front in green and orange tones, black fitted PVC pants with ankle zips.

Shoes: Black leather bootees with back zip and tassel.

Hair: Worn in a textured ponytail and a covered elastic.

Accessories: Large two-tone gold hoop earrings, vintage jade bangle.

Perfume: Lady Gaga ‘Fame’.

16 thoughts on “Ski Bunny

  1. Must say these are truly gorgeous. You have been gifted with a pair of beautiful legs, and here you are showing them at their very best. I also noticed the delicate teacup on the side. All this in an unassuming, vintage setting, in stark contrast to the wide, black, fashioned legs of the last photo. Class.


    1. Hi Kenny, thanks so much! I really appreciate that. Yes I got lucky leg-wise, so I work at keeping them as nice as possible for as long as I can. The vintage setting is our dining room bay window (it’s a very old house and is decorated to suit ;)) Thank you again and please keep stopping by, D xx

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    1. Hi there Petteri, thanks so much for your kind words, I do appreciate them. Yes the fashion deities were smiling on me the day I found those pants, they are killer! I like teaming something a bit raunchy with something a bit nerdy to tone things down – just enough 😉 Thanks again & please keep stopping by, D xx


    1. Hi there Josh, thank you, this is one of my best pics I think, I felt so good in this (it ended up being a crappy day at work but at least I looked & felt good lol!) Thanks for stopping by, D xx


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