Pyjama Game

Pyjama Game - FrontPyjama Game - SidePyjama Game - Back

Outfit: Vintage red and black floral print pyjama-style tunic featuring Mandarin collar, worn with a black mini underskirt.

Shoes: Black over the knee leather boots.

Hair: Side parted and worn down.

Accessories: Black opaque hosiery, sterling silver oxidised rose stud earrings, wide sterling silver daisy cuff bracelet.

Perfume: Kylie Minogue ‘Couture’.

10 thoughts on “Pyjama Game

    1. Hi there Kenny, thank you, glad you like! I try to come up with a witty title for each set of pics, sometimes referencing a song or, as in this case, an old movie. The Pyjama Game was a 50s movie starring Doris Day, and it wasn’t that great from memory 😉 So I try to have a little something for the trainspotters, and I try to keep the descriptions descriptive without stating labels or designers, because that’s not what it’s about. Thanks again for your continued support, D xx

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      1. Hi there Jonathan, good on your great Granddad! Hope it was a cooler climate is all 😉 I am very proud of my thrift, I love ‘mending and making do’ and even made a hair clip out of one of my dog’s old blankets – much to the disgust of the girls at work ha ha! (refer ‘Hair of the Dog’). Thanks for your continued support, D xx


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