Raspberry Beret

Raspberry Beret - FrontRaspberry Beret - SideRaspberry Beret - Back

Outfit: Burgundy knit turtleneck with elbow length sleeves, worn with vintage (1950s) wool blend pleated skirt in burgundy and grey.

Shoes: Black heels with buckle feature.

Hair: Curled and worn down.

Accessories: Nude hosiery, vintage (1950s) burgundy velveteen hat with pearl tabs, demi parure consisting of gold bangle with red enamel roses and matching drop earrings.

Perfume: Bulgari ‘Rose Essentielle’.

7 thoughts on “Raspberry Beret

    1. Hi there lovely Cara, how’s things, hope all is well for you. I was lucky to find this gorgeous skirt in my local Salvos store (not sure if I should admit that or not, but it’s the truth, and I know you will appreciate it). I love op-shopping, it works for me on so many levels: (1) doing something good for charity; (2) doing something good for the environment (less landfill & fewer new clothes being made & chemicals used in manufacture etc); (3) having something different to what everybody else is wearing, and (4) usually at a good price – love love love! Thanks for checking in & chat soon, D xx


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