A Life Well Lived – Vale Bart

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Aussie horse racing legend Bart Cummings earlier this week.  Bart reached the grand age of 87 years and passed peacefully surrounded by loved ones, may we all be so lucky.

One quote which has been said of Bart is that he lived a ‘good life’.

This made me consider – what makes a life ‘good’?

Is it living a long life, or a short but exciting one?  Perhaps having children, or perhaps it’s not having children?  An exciting career, or a peaceful existence free of stress and close to nature?

In my opinion, it could be any of these, because we are all so different in our hopes and dreams.  For me, it comes back to choice and the ability to live the life that we want (also refer an earlier musing of mine, What Women Want ) .  The freedom to choose not to have children without judgement; the ability to be a stay at home Mum and not be looked down upon by ladder climbers.  The ability for everyone to recognise that everyone’s life has merit whether it be exciting or not, providing the individual is not harming others with their chosen lifestyle.

Here’s to everyone living a good life, and happy Spring!

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