If I Was a Rich Girl

If I Was a Rich Girl

In the words of Ms Gwen Stefani – ‘If I was a wealthy girl’ – wouldn’t that be nice!  I usually don’t succumb to wishing I was wealthy.  It all came about last night whilst I was reading a Vogue magazine and drooling over some divine pieces; I started wondering how my life might look if I were wealthy enough to purchase said items.

The verdict?  Not too different, we’d still be in the same house, may or may not be working for a living depending upon the level of wealth attained!  Perhaps more of my time would be dedicated to charity work – no need to earn an income! – or maybe pursuing a business dream.  One thing that would be different is that I would buy a lot more designer clothes.

I own few designer pieces; usually that I have picked up for a bargain online and that have had a life before they reach me.  It is through owning these coveted items that the difference between designer and cheaper items does become apparent.  For example, I have a lovely Karen Millen knit, and many more from, say, Kmart.  No disrespect to Kmart (fast fashion & sweat shop matters aside), the clothes are fine for their price point and they fill a need in the market, but there is significant difference in quality.

So a designer wardrobe is likely the only thing that would change, I would never want to lose touch with humanity and the reality of how many people struggle, and to remain grateful for all that I have at all times.

A later line in the very same song says it well – ‘All the riches baby won’t bring what your love can bring’.  I am abundantly wealthy in other ways 😉

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