Feel the Burn

Aaah, Spring!  The weather is just glorious at present – enough rain to keep the gardens blooming (just – could do with some more ;)) and beautiful warm days and nights perfect for sleeping – not too hot and not too cold.  Perfect!

My beautiful husband and I thought we’d take full advantage of this weather and spent the day at the beach recently.  David took the Monday off and I don’t work Mondays so this was a great opportunity – the weekend is so busy at the beach it is not as pleasant – one starts the day battling for a carpark which does not augur well for a relaxing beach visit.

Usually we both apply sunscreen prior to leaving home; however this time I decided to diverge from my usual routine and attempt to get some colour on my pasty limbs (sunscreen applied to face and shoulders only).  I recently had a spray tan for an event (see pics ‘Gnarly’, ‘Lacy Looks’ and ‘Petrol Head’) and it looked so nice I thought I would try the real thing.

I know all the dangers of sun exposure and living in Australia it is a constant concern.  Our beautiful country one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world.  Skin cancers account for about 80% of all new cancers diagnosed each year in Australia, and each year, Australians are 4 times more likely to develop a common skin cancer than any other form of cancer.  So my strategy was not exactly sound.

We made the drive to the beach – roughly an hour, then spent a couple of hours at the beach, including fish and chips for lunch – yum!  By the evening at home, I was looking like a lobster and in considerable discomfort.  I spent the night rubbing sorbolene cream into my legs and arms and trying bicarb soda as a paste as well – this cracks as soon as one moves lol!

So other than looking ridiculous and feeling sore and sorry for myself, I was faced with another dilemma – the blog pics.  I tried to choose clothes that were cool but covered a lot of skin – not easy really!  Refer ‘Haute Haus Wife’, ‘Los Straitjackets’ and ‘Ripe Raspberry’.

The moral of this sorry tale – just put the damn sunscreen on and stick to fake tan!

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