So Much for Global Warming

So Much for Global Warming

As I write this, Paris is reeling from a spate of six separate but seemingly coordinated terror attacks.  The world is buzzing with this news and shock, with sadness and anger the overwhelming emotions.

It seems that the most carnage occurred at a rock concert where attendees were held hostage then shot one by one – over one hundred lives taken just in this one incident.

So my musing today actually has nothing to do with the environment (yes I do believe in global warming); rather it relates to my opinion that the world’s people seem to be growing colder toward one another.

I’ve held the belief for the last few years that people tend to less kind, tolerant and empathetic to one another.  There seems to be scant regard for the welfare of strangers, to the point where they seem to have become an object of disregard, fear or hatred.  In addition, a kind of ‘nanny state’ is developing where political correctness becomes overblown and the overarching view that, “so long as my family is OK, that’s all I care about”.

This is just my observations as a person living in an Australian city, and there are always lovely examples to counter these growing social norms, which regularly warm the heart.  It is just sad that this seems to be the general direction in which society is heading.

As a current example of the goodness and kindness of strangers following the terror attacks – some Parisians are opening their homes to strangers who are stranded and cannot get home due to curfews and traffic issues within the city.  This reinforces a fundamental belief of mine – that crises bring out both the worst, but also the best in society.

Perhaps this crisis may also help the world band together to show a little more tolerance for each other, and a lot of strength.  My thoughts go out to all impacted in France.

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