Dropping My Cake & Eating It Too


Had a lovely day at work a little while back, with a twist!  I am lucky enough to work for an organisation that treats its employees occasionally.  As part of promoting a healthy workplace, a morning tea for the female staff was arranged – aimed at encouraging female staff to consider breast screening, among other health initiatives.  We were allowed to attend during work time and a yummy selection of sweets (and some healthy treats) were provided.

I selected a sizeable piece of vanilla custard slice (complete with pink frosting of course!) and a small piece of coconut and jam slice – yum!  I was feeling so good, I was dressed very elegantly (refer ‘Los Straitjackets’) and was feeling confident and poised.  Until – the plastic plate holding my two slices gave way (plate too thin or slice too thick?!?)  Down went the vanilla slice – icing side down of course! – onto the carpet.  I quickly picked it up and placed it back on my plate and furtively looked around me, hoping that there were no witnesses.  Alas, of course there was – within about 3 metres of said incident was the CEO and a department head.  The CEO thought it hilarious and asked whether I intended to eat it or throw it away, to which I responded ‘Yes I will eat it; sorry if that’s a little low-brow but I can’t bear to see food wasted’.  I then scuttled away as fast as I could, probably to more sniggers behind me.  To make things worse, I had intended – before my incident – to approach a couple of senior staffers and thank them for allowing us to attend, but was too ashamed to talk to anyone after that.

I still wanted to thank those who organised the event however, so rather than emailing and disturbing anyone I simply put a message of appreciation on the work blog for hosting the event, promoting female health initiatives and allowing staff to attend in work hours.  Later that day I received an email from a manager from OH&S thanking me for my comment and asking whether I enjoyed my vanilla slice!  So more people bore witness to my slip than I imagined.  I realise that in the grand scheme of things, this slight embarrassment is not a big deal, but my cheeks still flame as I write this!

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