Teal Bow Ties

Teal Bow Ties - FrontTeal Bow Ties - SideTeal Bow Ties - Back


Outfit: Black A-line miniskirt featuring teal bow applique trim to front and back, worn with black v-neck tee, black sequinned bow brooch (pinned to tee).

Shoes: Teal suede heels.

Hair: Rolled up at nape of neck, accessorised with a black sequin bow clip.

Accessories: Nude hosiery, black beaded cuff bracelet, blue and white enamel bow earrings.

Perfume: Britney Spears ‘Circus’.

8 thoughts on “Teal Bow Ties

    1. Hi there, I think a teal blazer could be lovely with this! Unfortunately I don’t have one but I agree it would probably look smashing. You will be putting me to shame with styling ideas soon! Thanks Jonathan, D xx

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  1. Did you know you have inspred many people, including this humble (?) poet? Check out…LONG DISTANCE FAN, I AM…recently posted on By the Mighty Mumford. I hope I don’t embarrass you (too late)! I will remove it, if need be! Would you ever consider sfrarting a fashion poetry section…to encourage your readers?

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