Happy New Year


Happy New Year!   I hope this finds you all well and that you had a lovely Christmas and New Year.  Ours was very relaxed, David and I hosted Christmas dinner with the family at our place (a backyard BBQ, doesn’t get much more casual than that!).  There is something really nice about eating outside in summer, can’t beat it.

It’s been way too long between posts and for that I apologise.  I can only cite the usual Christmas craziness and a little self-laziness for this.  To bring things up to date, post-Christmas, we enjoyed a lovely week of leave (our work closes between Christmas and New Year) and it was spent thus: two days of doing virtually nothing (yay!), two days were spent at the beach (double yay!), one day of chores and two days working on the kitchen.  Our kitchen tile splashback was nice but we’d always wanted to put up some leftover pressed metal there instead, so we used two days of our leave to do this.  It took the full two days once the metal was measured, cut, put up, painted etc.  The end result was really good and we’re very pleased with it.

The other exciting part is that we did a little furniture shopping during our break.  Having seen our house interior in the background of the pics, you will appreciate that we don’t go to Ikea or Freedom for our furniture (not being a snob, I love Ikea!) but the house is old and it wouldn’t look right.  So when we go furniture shopping it’s to an antique store lol!  We have a favourite local one that we’ve been to many times since buying our house, we know the owner well and he always looks after us.  We’d deliberately stayed away from the store for virtually a year, purely because every time we go there we find something we like and walk out a lot poorer!  But we had a look over our break and sure enough, found a couple of lovely pieces we couldn’t walk away from.  One won’t feature much in the pics, it’s a divine Victorian iron bed with tester, but the other one might.  The trainspotters among you may notice the rearrangement of furniture in the formal lounge in upcoming pics – we had to rearrange everything to fit in a beautiful bookcase.  The most difficult part was moving the piano – steel framed and heavy as lead – I was quite proud that David and I managed to move it without damaging anything, including ourselves 😉

Other than that, life as per normal; we’re both back at work now so we’re getting back to our usual rhythms and habits.  So apologies again for the lack of posts, pics to follow soon I promise!

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