Spider Woman

I had a run in with a spider recently, and came out the worse for it.  I was at home on my Monday off and in the garden cutting the hedges – barefoot of course, as is my wont – when I was bitten by what I can only presume was a spider.

I didn’t even feel the bite immediately because I was doing the ‘Summer Dance’ (ie hopping around on the stones because they were hot!) and I thought the pain in my foot was just the burn from the stones.  However once back on the cool grass, one foot quickly recovered while the other did not.  It swelled up immediately and was a little painful at the site of the bite.  This was at about 11.15am.

My beautiful husband came home for lunch just after noon and I told him what happened, not being a sook, but just in case I had a bad reaction he could tell the doctor what happened.  David checked my foot and declared it not to be snake bite (!) very pleased about that!  He asked if I saw the offending monster, which I didn’t, but said I was a little worried if it was a white tailed spider (they are nasty) to which he responded ‘Haven’t seen any of those in the garden,  more likely it was an orb weaver spider, or those ones that look like trap door spiders, we have plenty of them (wonderful!)  So thus reassured, after lunch I finished the housework (mopping & sweeping) and the washing.  We also went out to dinner with David’s Mum and sister that evening.

However on waking the next morning my foot had turned an interesting colour which appeared to be spreading (see pics).  I attended my GP and was told to monitor it and if the colour spreads any further to come back.  They breed us tough here in Oz!  I went to work that day albeit in flat shoes – see ‘Pink Ribbons’.  The days following I was back in heels (‘Tastefully Tribal’, ‘1940s Flair’).

Gotta love ‘Straya – we have some of the most dangerous creepy crawlies in the world, which makes it sometimes safer to walk down a dodgy street than to garden in your own backyard in bare feet!  Having said that, in all my years it’s the only time I’ve been bitten by a spider, so that’s not too bad.

If the doctor decides to amputate I will post more pics lol!

002 004

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